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  1. Optimize Quality for Business Outcomes: A Practical Approach to Software Testing, 3rd Edition
  2. Superminds - by Thomas W Malone (Hardcover)
  3. Superminds - by Thomas W Malone (Paperback)
  4. Management Control and Uncertainty
  5. Associate Professor of Political Science Matt Grossmann The Not-So-Special Interests (Hardcover)
  6. Passport USA (Passport to the World)
  7. Kees Christiaanse; Tim Rieniets; Nicolas Kretschmann The City as Resource (Paperback)
  8. Manufacturing Trends in the German Automotive Industry: Measuring the Future of Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Porsche
  9. International Plumbing Code
  10. International Mechanical Code
  11. International Code Council International Fire Code
  12. How to Skimm Your Life
  13. Godshaper - by Simon Spurrier (Paperback)
  14. Wayne Price Furnace
  15. Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco
  16. The Day Trader
  17. Logra Tu Dream
  18. Corporate Culture and Performance